Dem Had Author

I hadn’t been diagnosed with ADD until I was 31, but it was always common to start talking about cats and end up mentioning the stars while using metaphors about food, just after I’ve told you about a childhood memory. I know I talk too much and loudly, but I don’t realize it until somebody points it out… you can call me an extroverted socially awkward carrot.As a cynical romantic and a lover of dark romance, I love pushing my characters to their limits and refuse to give them their happy ending if they don’t work hard to earn it. You might find me drinking and crying at 3am because I can’t deal with Louis’s emotional pain — Louis is a fictional character I created, but I guess you won’t find out about him until I finally introduce him to you. Writing is my passion, storytelling is what I live for, but publishing is a different matter, so bear with me while I get over my paralysing impostor syndrome.
I have a soft spot for manga, anime, and anything regarding the Japanese culture, therefore prepare yourself for this kind of content if you follow me.

I love spending time with my son, playing music with my husband, and posting on Instagram or twitter about books, food, and nature. I call myself a shower singer because it’s been years since I stepped on a stage with my band. You can find me in Limassol, driving, singing, and headbanging while the windows are wide open. Yeah, I have a lot of fun embarrassing myself.